Monday, September 10, 2012

The Season is Over

On Labor Day Monday at 1:00 p.m. we ushered out the last of the campers, and as Jim said, “the lights went out, the gate was locked and the fat lady sang”.  It was all over for the season!!!!!!! Weeeeeeee, it has been an interesting summer. 

Because we don’t know if our company (American Land and Leisure) is going to win the bid for the next five-year permit with the forest service, we had to put all our equipment into a rented storage unit.  This was good and bad.  Good - because it required us to go through everything and I got to throw away a bunch of accumulated stuff (one of my favorite thing to do).  Bad - because it required a lot of extra work at the end of the season (mostly for Jim) when we were trying to do all our clean-up to close out. Plus we were already tired….Jim did a wonderful job tote and carrying everything in numerous trips into town bringing stuff to the rental storage unit. Plus in the last three weeks Jim painted eight bathrooms.  He is a working fool!!

I cleaned out all the fire pits and worked on the end-of-the-year paperwork. Jim met with our Forest Service Rep for our final inspection and got the OK to pull out of the campground which we did late Thursday.  We drove to South Fork Campground which our buds, Rich and Terri Deacon, manage.  We always spend a couple days with Rich and Terri as a little “vacation”. We eat together, enjoy happy hours, but mostly we just spend time together and enjoy. I finished up the paperwork Friday and got it mailed off and we were officially done.

Saturday Jim and I decided to put on a little barbecue to say thank you to Matt (A-1 Mobile RV Services) and Rich for the great job they did putting up our new awning.  Our friends, Shane and Audra Rorick, had moved to South Fork with Shane working at Holiday RV South, so we invited them over also.

Jim found a package that held two slabs of ribs that weighed 11.5 pounds!!  Jim did his magic with those ribs as they came out wonderfully – his best yet! 

CIMG0753        CIMG0754

After dinner we all just sat around and enjoyed each other’s company, laughing at all of Rich’s humorous comments. 


We ended up staying a third night just to relax and finally left yesterday, making sure we arrived in Alamosa with enough time to set up and get the satellite dish up and running so we could watch the Bronco-Steelers football game.  Boy, what a great game…very exciting…so much fun…and we won!!!

Well, it’s time to call it a night, so good night, dear friends, see you tomorrow. Oh, yea, I made it…four posts in a row.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Whew.. sounds like a whirlwind of work to finish up the season. And those ribs looked DELICIOUS!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. We enjoyed watching the Broncos win also !

  3. Nice story, but the game was not that great:)

  4. I am certain that you are both relieved to have another season in the books so to speak. I enjoyed getting to visit with you guys. I hope you enjoy you winter too! I left Fun Valley yesterday, the 10th, with a couple of friends and drove the coach to Santa Fe. I will be here for a week before moving on. Have a great winter and be safe!


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