Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazing Around

Sunday has always been my “lazing around” day.  Stay in jammies most of the day, watch my fav TV show, CBS Sunday Morning, eat when we want without any set time or what we eat, watch NASCAR, baseball game….just laze around.

Jim has been doing a lot better.  He hasn’t had to take any Percocet since Friday….so he was only on it two days…but he still isn’t driving or having any happy hours.  His color is better, he walks more upright, appetite is still small but he is eating.  He goes back to the doctor’s tomorrow so we will see what he has to say.  We postponed a trip down to Santa Fe because Jim still isn’t comfortable with long drives…the bouncing around really bothers him.  So we’ll wait till we are ready to head out to OK and TX before we schedule a couple of days visit with the family in Santa Fe.  Jim just needs more healing time.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. I'm telling ya, 6 weeks before he will feel like King Of The World!

  2. Nice to hear Mr Jim is mending well.

  3. We will be following Jim's recovery. Later this week we will also arrive in Santa Fe to visit former neighbors (and Boomers) who are planning on geting back on the road. We'll head for ABQ next week. Hope our paths will cross soon.

  4. So good to hear Jim is doing better. It just takes a little time. Love the header picture on the blog. Just beautiful!

  5. Alice K here....just spent the afternoon reading your summer blog and living the summer activities though your words and loving every minute of it...soooo...Kooool I am so thankful Jims surgery is over and he is on the road to recovery. Sure was hoping we could have got together this summer but still have hopes that the stars will align and the schedules will meet in the middle someday either way we love ya all and hope to see ya soon...............Happy Trails

    Ken and Alice K.


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