Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lunch with Friends

We met Brian and Carol Thompson for lunch at Chili’s yesterday.  The Thompson’s are the area managers with American Land & Leisure for the Conejos District, south of here by the Colorado-New Mexico border.  Jim has been working with Brian with his water systems in their campgrounds.  I hadn’t met either of them so when they came to Alamosa with water samples, Jim suggested we all meet for lunch. 


Jim had a fav of bacon cheeseburger…….


But I was good and had a Caribbean Salad with fruit and avocado……

 I stopped at the library and picked up a book I’ve been so looking forward to – Debbie Macomber’s first in a new series, The Inn at Rose Harbor.

I really enjoy Macomber’s writing and read her different series.  Her paperback Cedar Cove series ended last year and I was sad, so when Macomber changed publishers and announced a new series I was excited.  I get the Kindle e-reader format for about $5.99 each. I was shocked to find out this new series was coming out in hardback and the Kindle format was $12.99!  Well, that was way out of my book budget, so I waited until I got back to the Alamosa area and checked it out of the local library.  I started reading it right away and it looks like it will be a good series.

Naomi Jul 2010I did go by and visited my best girlfriend, Naomi, in the nursing home.  She is still doing so well and she was sitting there reading yet another book….at nearly 97 her body may be wearing down, but her mind is as sharp as ever.  I should be so luck!!!

We ended the day by watching a Rockies game and also The Voice.  It was a good day.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Your salad looks yummy! I have fallen in love with Quinoa, so has Dave. Never thought I would get him to that stage. Jim, have a great reunion! Bobbie I can tell you have lost weight girlfriend! You are looking GOOD!

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  3. Bobbie,
    When we were in Yuma last winter I went to the local Library and got a library card and signed up for e-book lending. It was free and I can borrow books in their lending library on my Kindle. It downloads and it stays on my Kindle for 14 days and then just disappears. You might check the Alamosa Library and see if they offer that. I borrow books that I don't want to pay lots of money to buy...

    If y'all come back to TX to work this winter maybe we can get together sometime!

    1. My local library does have e-books but with e-pub that is not compatible with Kindle. There is a Kindle Fire work-around, but alas I have the Kindle 3G. This is the problem with the fulltime lifestyle at times-not having a "local" anything to draw on or be a part of.

      We will be back to south Texas the end of October. Sure hope we can see you then.


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