Friday, September 28, 2012

Lunch with Friends at Cavillo’s

 Our buddies, Roberta and Teddy, called and said they would be coming up from Espanola today to spend one last weekend up at South Fork to fish and to pick up and bring home their camping gear from their storage unit.  


We thought we’d surprise them and meet them in Jim’s ‘64 El Camino, which he cleaned up to go to his 45th high school reunion tonight.


We met Roberta and Teddy in Alamosa and went to lunch at Cavillo’s. This Mexican restaurant has a wonderful buffet with someone making flour tortillas right there in front of you.  Yes, this is the same place we brought The Meilicke’s last week.  But this time I took photos.

They have an extensive salad/salsa/dessert bar with delicious flan and rice pudding, along with pasta and spinach salads and several types of salsas.


They have a hot buffet with 16 choices from chile rellenos, menudo, tamales and enchiladas to tacos, green chili and homemade refried beans.


They also have a great bartender that they brought from Mexico because of his expertise in making specialized Margaritas.


It was so nice to spend some additional time with Roberta and Teddy and hear how their lives are going. 

Remember, you are loved!

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  1. Yum. . .I'm hungry right now. I wanted to try each and every thing on that buffet. . .LOL!



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