Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yuma, Arizona

We made it to Yuma about noon and were set up and were enjoying the 76* weather and sunny skies in no time flat!

Mossman’s are straight across from us so our rigs are facing each other with space in the middle for gatherings.  We love being close to the railroad tracks and hearing the trains passing.  There’s a lot of land around so we don’t feel crowded although there are other rigs in the area.

We are gathering our thoughts about what to have for Thanksgiving dinner.  I like my own traditional family foods, so we will be cooking out here, but may go into Mittry to visit our many Boomer friends staying there.  Plus we really like leftovers, maybe even better than the proper meal itself.  Those turkey sandwiches late at night are mighty good!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Glad that you made it to Yuma without any more truck issues. I sure it is nice there. Perhaps in years to come I can make it out there too.


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