Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coos Bay, Oregon to Eureka, California

After Florence we drove down to Coos Bay, OR (Nov. 3) and stayed at The Mill Casino RV Park.  By making an online reservation the night before it only cost us $15.  It was a beautiful park all paved and looked over a bay.  They even had a dog run that was very nice.  We stayed here two nights as we needed to do laundry and a little grocery shopping. I found a small food co-op in North Bend (the next little town south) and bought some spices, incense and tempeh.

We have been using Oregon Coast Mile-by-Mile magazine as our guide for things to do in each coastal town. It has proven to be very helpful and informative.  One of ads in the magazine was for $20 free play at Elk Valley Casino in Crescent City, CA. So we stopped there on our way down Hwy 101.  We made out pretty good.  I walked away with $43 and Jim got $9, so I paid for lunch!

We continued down the road and saw Trees of Mystery coming up so we stopped.  This would give Jim a taste of the redwoods which I wanted to see on this trip.  Senior prices were $11 for a nine minute trip up and back on their Sky Trail gondola over the tops of the redwoods.  We chose to take the shuttle up to the gondola as it was a steep climb and we still had to drive to Eureka.  Here are some photos…

Trees of Mystery (2)
Entrance with huge statues.
Trees of Mystery (3)
That’s Jim in the foreground. This gives you an idea of of how big these are.
Trees of Mystery (4) Trees of Mystery (8)
The Sky Trail gondola
Trees of Mystery (6) Trees of Mystery (9)
Trees of Mystery (10)
Tree house look from the top
Trees of Mystery (25)
Interesting facts
Trees of Mystery (11)
Quite a view at the top
Trees of Mystery (14)
See the ocean in background?
Trees of Mystery (17)
Cathedral tree where many weddings are held
Trees of Mystery (19)
Look closely these are trees growing out of a downed redwood tree
Trees of Mystery (27)
Huge redwood tree
Trees of Mystery (26)
This will give you a prospective of how huge it is.

Along the way we saw magnificent redwood trees and short glimpses of the ocean…great contrasts for the eye.

Redwoods (5) Redwoods (6)
See the ocean?
Redwoods (10)
The car gives you an idea how large the trees are
Redwoods (13)
Redwoods (12) Redwoods (15)
Redwoods (16)
This is a tree house-see the door in the bottom?
Redwoods (1)
The house behind shows you how large the tree really is

We did drive through part of the National Redwood Park so Jim did get a good look of the redwoods even though it was just a drive through. I was happy he was able to do this.

We arrived at Eureka, California Elks Club (Nov. 4) for the night.  At $15 it was a bargain.  Back on the road the next morning and settled in Ukiah, CA Elks Club (Nov. 5).  I had to put in this last photo where we stopped for fuel (paid $4.30/gal for diesel).  Notice the rusty fuel pump….we have got to wash the rig and get the salt spray off the rig before we start to show rust.

Redwoods (7)

Well, I think that brings us up to date finally.  Tomorrow I’ll blog about our visit to the Sacramento, CA area.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. What a wonderful trip you two are having. So glad Jim got to see the Redwoods. Great photos!


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