Monday, November 14, 2011

Old Sacramento

Before we left the Sacramento area on Thursday, November 10th, we wanted to explore Old Sacramento.  It was a lot larger area than we thought.

Old Sacramento (5)
Looking down the main street
Old Sacramento (6)
Another street front
Old Sacramento (7)
Candy shop all in barrels-cute!
Old Sacramento (2)
Cobble streets with wooden sidewalks
Old Sacramento (3)
View of sidewalks-nice
Old Sacramento (11)
Cobble street view
Old Sacramento (10)
Period architecture
Old Sacramento (9)
Interesting building
Old Sacramento (4)
Easy walking area
Old Sacramento (8)
See the skyscraper in the background-neat contrast with the old.

There was suppose to be a Tall Ship on the dock but we didn’t see it.  Saw the sign advertising it with an arrow….but ship wasn’t there.  We were disappointed!

Old Sacramento was very nice and we enjoyed the architecture.  There were a lot of touristy type shops, but they were tasteful and not really trashy.

We drove back to Rancho Cordova Elks Club, hooked-up and took off for Wasco, CA to stay again at an Elks Club.  It was a loooong day covering 270 miles, which is a lot for us, but we wanted to minimize our parking fees and wanted to get out of California fast…fuel prices and parking fees are high.

The drive on I-5 south was long and tiring, but we did see some pretty sights.

Old Sacramento (13)

Field of rose bushes-beautiful colors!

Old Sacramento (13)

Then we saw a hillside FULL of wind generators. Now we’ve seen these before all over the country, but we’ve never seen so many in one spot.  Plus there were different sizes-not all of them were those huge ones we all see around….interesting.

Old Sacramento (1)

Old Sacramento (15)

We got to the Elks Club in Wasco about 3 p.m. and waited for them to open at 4.  This Elks club was converted from a bowling alley.  The actual bowling lane area was made into a large banquet hall that the Elks rent out for wedding receptions, reunions, etc.  The bar area is medium size, with the people extremely friendly. We enjoyed our stay there and would return.

Next morning we started out on another long day to the Escapees’ RV Club co-op in Parhrump, Nevada.  It was a 317 mile trip, but then we could rest for a week in the warmth and clear skies.

Hope you enjoyed the trip with me.  Remember, you are loved!

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