Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hoover Dam

I wanted to get the photos of Hoover Dam up before we got to Yuma today, so here we go. 

Huge amount of power
being generated
These are really large structures
The new bridge over the dam
All of the front of the dam we could see
Beautiful sculpture of a High Scaler
Monument of dedication on the Nevada side
The water side of the dam
O’Callaghan–Tillman Memorial Bridge part of the bypass project-it is huge.
CIMG8830 CIMG8839
First water bypass holes
Back side of dame
CIMG8834 CIMG8844
Lake Meade

We also stopped in Boulder City which was built in 1931 to house the workers who built the Hoover Dam. One of Linda Mossman’s necklaces lost a stone so  we stopped at De Trading Post  so it could be sent back to the reservation to be fixed.  De Trading Post is housed in one of three original buildings of the town.


Inside is a fascinating collection of American Indian artistry.  Linda is very partial to white buffalo turquoise and bought a pair of earrings to add to her collection of three necklaces.  It IS beautiful and very rare.


I enjoyed seeing all the American Indian authenticated and certified crafts on display.

Spears of all kinds
Dream catchers-I bought two
Pottery and all decor
Many pretty items
Beautiful American-Indian clothing
Showed a picture of the maker also

We enjoyed our short visit to Las Vegas. Saw Hoover Dam, Linda got her TGI Friday’s Cobb Salad she’s been talking about since Colorado, got the truck fixed and Jim made $100 on the nickel slots.  Pretty good day.

Yesterday we drove from Vegas to Parker, Arizona, staying at the Elks Club.  We went in to pay for our site and had a drink.  Met the folks at a neighboring table and found the man use to cover the Alamosa area for Farm Bureau Insurance.  We continue to be amazed at how many people we have met on the road that knew about our little town of 9,00 in Colorado. These folks had never heard about the Winter Blast in Lake Havasu in February, so we gave them the details on this firework display weekend. We plan on seeing these folks again when we come up here for the Parker 425 desert off-road race in early February.

It is so nice to get back to Mountain Standard Time and the warmer weather of Arizona.  Yesterday it was 76* and last night it was 55*.  We didn’t even have to put on the heater last night and, in fact, slept with a window open….delightful!

OK, I’m caught up on my blog posts. It’s now 8:18 a.m. and we are leaving here at 9, so I better move my booty and get me and the rig ready to pull out.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Glad the truck is fianlly fixed and you are now in Arizona. Hooray for Jim and his $100.00 winnings. The weather has been the same here nice days and nice nights. But I fear a storm is brewing and will be in here by Monday evening at the earliest. Take care and have fun. Love and Hugs...


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