Friday, November 18, 2011

And still more truck problems

The truck problems continue. Driving from Pahrump to Las Vegas up steep climb of 3,000 feet and down 3,000 feet...we stop at Sam's Town and smell oil burning/rubber smell...Jim goes to the back of the truck and the rear axel is smoking!!! Off we go to the Chevy dealership in Henderson and drop off the truck.

With the Mossman's we travel to see the Hoover Dam museum. We’ve never been there and the Mossman’s have tried to go there but the first time they were turned away because they couldn’t leave their dogs in the truck.  This time we couldn’t go to the museum because Jim Mossman had a propane tank on the barbeque grill in the bed of the truck and “they” wouldn’t let us park in the parking garage. We chose not to park up on the hill and walk back over the dam to the museum so we just drove around and saw the dam and lake then came home. It certainly is a very impressive human undertaking.

The dealership calls and it not only is a busted seal on the rear axel we also lost the brake booster (?). But they were able to fix it today and we could get it back at 5 p.m. and $1,000 less is our wallet!!!!!!! When will it stop???????

We went into Sam’s Town and ate an early dinner at TGI Fridays as Linda has been craving their Cobb Salad.  I had one also and I must say, it was very, very good.  I’d do that again.

Tomorrow we drive to Parker and spend the night, then on to Yuma on Saturday.  I’m really looking forward to just sitting out on the desert and not moving for a while.  We’ve been on the move pretty often the last two months and I need to nest for a while.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wow! You sure are lucky, bad luck that is. I hope your issues with the truck are over. Things like that always mess me up.

  2. Howdy B&J,

    BELL!!!!! We sure do hope your truck troubles are over after this one!!! For the time being sit tight and relax.. That surely is a pretty place & everybody that goes there says how nice it is.. I think the Petersen's wanted it just that way..
    Nick Russell won't be in Arizona until February, so you'll have nice weather for a while!! hehehe!! Know that you are loved back!!!


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