Monday, November 7, 2011

Florence-Heceta, Oregon

October 29th we moved from Coyote-Rock RV Park in Lincoln City to the Elks Club in Florence. I had ordered my meds for delivery at the Elks Club, but my dear old CVS-Caremark Rx company couldn’t add in another mailing address because of their software. It took an extra two days to fix that problem, so we ended up staying four days instead of two.  But there is a lot to do in the Florence area so it wasn’t a hardship.

We ventured out to see Cape Heceta lighthouse which is very picturesque.

Cape Heceta(10)

Even going towards the lighthouse offered many photo ops.  There was a steep climb to get to the lighthouse, and with my hips, I decided to stay lower down and let Jim and The Mossman’s go on up.

Florence OR (3)
Parking lot view of the bridge we crossed
Cape Heceta (3)
Walking up towards the lighthouse.
Cape Hecata(1) Cape Hecata(2)
Cape Heceta (4)
Bride from further away

Cape Heceta
Far off view of the lighthouse

Here is one of the photos I took of the lighthouse through the trees from down below that I thought came out well.

Florence OR (6)

Jim took these photos from the lighthouse.

Cape Heceta (6) Cape Heceta (8)
Cape Heceta (7) Cape Heceta (9)

Next, we drove to see the sea lions.  We first stopped at the Sea Lions Caves, but they wanted $10 each to go down in an elevator to the caves. Additionally, the attendant said all the sea lions were outside on the rocks sunning themselves.  So what would we be paying $10 to see??????  We drove down the road a bit to a turnout in the road, looked over the side and look what we saw…
Sea lions (7)
We spent a fair amount of time just watching the antics of the sea lions hopping into the ocean and jumping out.  They sure are loud with all their grunts and cries. The little ones are comical to watch attempting to get onto the rocks.

Sea lions (3) Sea lions (6)
Sea lions (8) Sea lions (5)

Next stop, Eureka, California!  Remember, you are loved.


  1. We spent a month camp hosting here. You captured it perfectly with your photos.


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