Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lincoln City-Newport, Oregon

We left Tillamook and joined Jim and Linda Mossman at Coyote-Rock RV Park in Lincoln City.  What a nice RV park!  Many of the sites back up to a sweet fishing area used by many boaters.  It was a Passport park so we only paid half-$18.

Coyote-Rock RV Pk (4)
Example of site size
Coyote-Rock RV Pk (3)
Our site
Coyote-Rock RV Pk (2)
Pretty bay and park area
Coyote-Rock RV Pk (1)
Boaters and dock

The two days we spent there were overcast and misty…yes, I know I keep saying that a lot, but it just typical weather around here.  We drove to see the Yaquina Lighthouse.  There was actually two of them. 

This is Yaquina Bay Lighthouse built in 1871 with the light right on top of the light keepers house. Light reach 12 miles into the see as used whale oil.
This is Yaquina Head Lighthouse and built in 1873 used electricity and it’s light was visible 22 miles out to sea.

There are so many breathtaking photo shots as you drive along the coast and here are some of those moments.

CIMG8555 CIMG8569
CIMG8570 CIMG8574
Notice the house on the top of the hill?
Called the Devil’s Punchbowl
CIMG8591 CIMG8590
CIMG8608 CIMG8600

The next day we drove to Newport

Fun restaurant we considered…didn’t
Many buildings have gorgeous murals on them
CIMG8611 CIMG8609
CIMG8613 CIMG8614
Numerous fishing boats
Piles and piles of crab cages

Well that was our two day stay in the area. Hope you enjoyed all the photos.  The Oregon coast is so picturesque with so many photo opportunities.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. We sure loved that area, too, Bobbie. You got some beautiful photos! Hey, glad your pick-up is 'well' again and you're back on the road. Hugs, J&C

  2. Beautiful photos.

    BTW, there is a beautiful Elks Campground outside of Lincoln, if you are members. Put it on the list for next time. It's out in the country a bit, but very peaceful.

  3. Great photos, Bobbie. Glad you got to see the area. Hugs to you both !


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