Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knitted Socks Finished

I’ve written before about have “second sock syndrome”, where after I finish knitting the first sock I don’t want to do it all over again to knit the second sock…it’s boring. I want to go onto something else.

So when I started knitting this pair of socks in May I used the technique of two socks at a time using two circular needles.  I worked on them on and off and finally finished them yesterday.


Now that I have the basics down using this light colored wool yarn, I can now do some more fun designs in bold colors.  I like the look of socks with different colors for the toe, body, heel and cuff, so I might try that next.  But I found the wool socks on the kitchen tile are pretty slick, so I can’t use them when I’m working in the kitchen.

I made a batch of green chili using roasted Hatch chiles I got in Colorado.  Well, it came out waaaaay too hot and after trying all the ways to reduce the heat (added brown sugar, yogurt, even a potato) I finally threw it out.  Next time I’ll check how hot the chiles are before adding five of them.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I have been following you guys on your pilgrimage this past year and appreciate your blog. You are now near the country I was raise in and we do have a railroad at Hood River in the Gorge. We might run into you one of these days but for the moment we are in Lubbock and may soon head for AZ and enjoy the winter weather there.

  2. Hello Anonymous: wish you had left your name and/or email address so I could contact you directly. We are also going to be in AZ also this winter...maybe we can meet. My email address is


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