Saturday, October 8, 2011

Columbia River Gorge

We are staying at the LePage COE (Corp of Engineers) Park in Rufus, Oregon, near John Day Dam on the Columbia River Gorge.  We took a drive yesterday that had us going west on Highway 14 on the Washington side from the John Day Dam to Portland.  Then we crossed over to the Oregon side and drove back on the Historic Highway 30.

I can’t come up with sufficient words to describe this drive.  Neither Jim nor I have spent any time in the Washington/Oregon area, so the foliage and types of trees are unfamiliar to us.  There is definitely some invisible line of demarcation where you go from barren, brown soft mountains to dense, green, and wet foliage and tall, tall trees.

Driving east back on the Oregon side we saw so many beautiful waterfalls. There are like 77 waterfalls, but we only stopped at a few of them.

Latourell Falls (1)

Latourell Falls (3)



  Latourell Falls 






Wahkeena Falls (3)       


       Wahkeena Falls






Then, of course, you have Multnomah Falls. Absolutely spectacular!!

Multnomah Falls (1)

Multnomah Falls (2)


 Multnomah Falls (3)










The west end of the Columbia River Gorge is so lush and green….and, yes, it is always misting if not raining. It was such a stark difference from anything Jim and I have ever experienced!  We really enjoyed it.

Remember, you are loved.

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