Friday, October 7, 2011

Rancho Marichalar

Jim Mossman’s friend, Abel, invited us to stay at his house to wait out the repairs that had to be made to both our trucks. We all had a number of “honey do’s” on our list that Jim Mossman helped us all in accomplishing. Abel just acquired a 1976 Air Stream that we all worked on getting into shape.

As most of you saw on my Facebook account, we had the truck in the shop because we couldn’t start the truck after the engine got hot.  It had to cool off for about 2 hours and then it would start again. This was really a hassle as we had to keep the engine running while fueling, going to the grocery store, etc.  Finally the day before we had to move out of Suntides RV Park in Yakima, we got our truck back, and are $2,300 poorer.

Jim Mossman’s woes are much more severe. He had to have a whole new engine put in, plus a new radiator, oil cooler, etc. Then he decided to get new tires put on here instead of waiting till Yuma.  That’s when they found out he needed new brakes and then that is when they found out they needed new ball joints.  Thank heavens for extended warranties!!!!! They only had to pay the deductible and for the tires and brakes.  Read about all the details at

We settled into Abel and Shari’s house for a week, parking in their backyard. What a wonderful time we had there!  The Marichalar’s are gracious hosts and we shared many a happy hour together, as well as meals.  Shari is a great cook and she loves to can.  We raided her pantry and “relieved” her of salsa, pickles, pears, beets and many types of jellies.  I’ll remember you every time I smear that luscious plum jelly on my English muffin, Shari.

A few days after we arrived in Yakima, Abel and Shari threw us a party, inviting friends of the Mossman’s from when they worked here a few years ago.  The Marichalar’s have a wonderful outdoor kitchen and their backyard is a perfect party area. 

Marichalar Party (10)

Marichalar Party (2)

Marichalar Party (23)

Marichalar Party (9)

Shari has a fabulous garden with lots of trees and flowers to attract birds with many design elements like the wood stove with a big pot of flowers on the top, and the birdhouses  .

Marichalar Party (6) Marichalar Party (5)
Marichalar Party (13) Marichalar Party (14)

Besides their gardens and entertaining, another interest are their pets.  Abel and Shari have four wonderful dogs.

Kazi, a white Boxer
Levi, another white Boxer
This is Buddy, a Schnauzer
Marichalar Party (20)
The Great Dane, Lola

The Marichalar’s have several old coaches on the porches for the dogs to lounge in. 

Here’s Lola’s favorite position.
Levi & Kazi
Here is Levi imitating Lola….really cute!

Thank you, Abel and Shari, for your gracious hospitality.

Sherry & Abel Marichalar

Remember, you are loved!!!

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