Monday, October 17, 2011

Cannon Beach, Oregon

There is a Mo’s Restaurant here and is the first place The Mossman’s ate their clam chowder.  So we drove from the Tillamook area to Cannon Beach to enjoy a nice lunch by the beach.  The drive up was beautiful and we stopped several times to take pictures.

We stopped at the Myrtle wood Factory Outlet in Garibaldi
Beautiful wood products
Many boats fishing for salmon
Many homes use roofing shingles as siding
CIMG8516 CIMG8517

We looked for places to see the ocean and were pleased to find several turn-outs where we could stop.

CIMG8506 CIMG8507

Outside of Mo’s Restaurant there is a beautiful beach that we had to walk on. I think this is the Haystack rock.  I went out and dipped my hands in the water so I could say I touched the Pacific Ocean LOL

CIMG8519 CIMG8518
CIMG8524 CIMG8520

Then we went into Mo’s for their clam chowder.  Linda had the crab cakes and I had a pound of razor clams and bread.  Both were very good!




We’ve enjoyed our “playing tourists” time and eating out.  Next we have to put the truck in for repairs in Warrenton by Astoria.  We moved to Fort Stevens State Park and have a beautiful site.  For $23/night for FHU it’s very reasonable as state parks go.  I’ll take photos tomorrow and post them.

We have good aircard/internet and cell service, but no place to put up the satellite so we are relegated to four channels on the batwing.  But at least we get the major networks.

Remember, you are loved.

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