Monday, October 10, 2011

Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier

Why putting these two together? Well, we went to see Mount St. Helens but didn’t see much because of the cloud cover, so I don’t have any photos to show you. We also went to Mount Rainier and I do have photos of that.

Mount Rainier

The drive from Yakima to Mount Rainier held such diverse landscape from barren looking hills to lush ferns and trees covered in moss.

Mt. Rainier (3) Mt. Rainier (5)
Mt. Rainier (15) Mt. Rainier (9)
Mt. Rainier (4) Mt. Rainier (8)

Then we arrived in Mount Rainier Park

Mt. Rainier (23)
Driving towards the mt
Mt. Rainier (16)
Entrance to the park
Mt. Rainier (20)
Runoff path
Mt. Rainier (17)
Close up of run off path from spring snow melt. Can you imagine it full of raging water?
Mt. Rainier (27)
There she is!
Mt. Rainier (1)
Opposing mt range has it own beauty
Mt. Rainier (28)
Love this shot through the window
Mt. Rainier (24)
Here we are enjoying the view

Mount St. Helens

Our trip from Kelso, WA to Mount St. Helens was different. We drove through clouds and misting rain. The signs of devastation was extraordinary. May 18, 1980 brought a lot of pain.

Mt St. Helens (1) Mt St. Helens (2)
Mt St. Helens (7) Mt St. Helens (11)
Mt St. Helens (9) Mt St. Helens (10)
Mt St. Helens (11) Mt St. Helens (3)

As we arrived at the Johnston Observatory the most amazing thing happened. As we were going in a friend named Carolyn Wilkerson was going out. What’s the chances? Carolyn is a “classmate” as she and her late husband, Keith, went fulltime RVing in 2007, the same as Jim and I. Carolyn also came up from New Mexico this summer and visited us in South Fork.

Carolyn Wilkerson

The film presentation was every bit as good as everyone us it would be!  Unfortunately, at the end of the film and they open the curtains this is all we saw.

Mt St. Helens (14)

Although we didn’t see much of the mountain, it was a great experience and I’m glad we came to see her.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Carolyn died on April 12, 2012 from liver cancer. What a great lady she was and still is!


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