Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wantabe Fulltimers

I don’t believe in coincident.  I do believe everything happens for a reason and that sometimes we are brought together with others for a very specific reason.

Such is the case of Brian and Holly just “happened” to stop at our campground one night.  They have been talking about buying an RV and traveling around the country seeing the sights and working on the road. 

Brian Holly Karbo

They didn’t know that there was actually an organized group of people who do that and we are called “workampers”.  And that there is a magazine called “Workampers News” that is published every two months (is that semi-monthly or bi-monthly?) with listings by state of jobs that are available.  I also told them about Escapees RV Club and gave them one of their membership brochures.  I explained about Escapees’ sub-group called the Boomers and how we consider them our “community” or “family” on the road and how we don’t consider it out of place to travel 200 miles out of the way to eat lunch with a fellow Boomer.

We talked for a long time about fulltime RVing and the different things to look out for when considering a job on the road.  I think I’ll get them a copy of Jaimie Hall Bruzenak’s book, Support Your RV Lifestyle, which I consider the best book on subject of workamping on the market today.

We discussed changing your domicile and the many mail forwarding services available around the country.  We sure have so many more choices available to us today compared to when Joe and Kay Peterson started Escapees RV Club back in 1978.

I loooove talking with “newbie” RVers and sharing what I know about this lifestyle.  It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but for those adventuresome souls who want a little taste of the wild side, unpredictability, who want to do something different, and those who enjoy wandering, it’s a great way to see this beautiful country of ours and live spontaneously.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. We are wantabe fulltimers and enjoy reading about your jobs.

  2. We had the same conversation with a couple of ladies that we met over breakfast here in the campground Friday morning. Super nice people who knew nothing of this wonderful lifestyle. They were fascinated to learn. Yep, no coincidences in life...just a lifelong series of encounters meant to help us learn and grow.

  3. Brian and Holly discovered the gold mine! Their heads must be whirling. :)

  4. Welcome Kenny and Angela!!! If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them. Our email address is


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