Saturday, June 18, 2011

Salmon Bisque

Back before we retired and I was still working at the public library, we’d have these potlucks every now and again.  One potluck Emily brought her husband’s Salmon Bisque. It was soooo rich with a different goodness and I never forgot that taste.

Then a couple years ago Jim and I stopped and visited Emily and Randall in Magdalena, NM, where they had moved. They live “off the grid” completely on solar in an adobe house that they bought as a shell and finished themselves.  Their well is 1/4 mile away and piped down to them.  They live a very simple and serene life.  I really admire and respect them.

Emily remembered how much I liked Randall’s salmon bisque so she made it for dinner along with a loaf of homemade wheat bread.  OMG, it was so, so good.  Randall did give me the recipe but I’ve lost it.

The other day I found two single portions of Trader Joe’s salmon in the freezer that really needed to be used.  Being a brisk, cool day a salmon bisque sounded really good.  So I searched the internet and came up with a basic recipe and then Jim and I thought back to Magdalena and remembered a couple of things Randall had that were different.  Namely teriyaki marinade on the salmon before grilling it and adding a can of tomato paste and smoked cheese.

Well, here is the final result and boy was it good.  I added a few shrimp I found in the freezer and along with the grilled salmon, chicken stock and cream it was a real winner.

CIMG7614                    CIMG7616

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Your post brought back such wonderful memories. I once stayed at Jasper Park Lodge and ordered salmon bisque. They brought it by bicycle to my condo. It was delightful especially on a cool day. Enjoy!


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