Sunday, June 12, 2011

Campers are coming

Finally seeing more RVs traveling down Highway 160 and some of them are stopping and staying in our campgrounds.  We had a good week.

Yesterday I visited our camphosts and picked up deposits and paperwork.  Spent a couple of hours filling out all the other reports I fax in weekly.  Went to the post office with a couple of monthly reports to mail out….post office only opened one hour on Saturdays.

Made shrimp scampi and spaghetti noodles for lunch/dinner.  I had picked up elephant garlic by mistake at the grocery store, but it sure came out nice in the dish…very mild. We used up another bag of our Louisiana shrimp….only one bag to go…UGH!!!  But the scampi came out delicious and we were so full.

Looks like the Colorado Rockies have finally found their bats again as they are making some runs…but today not enough runs to win against the Dodgers….oh, well, there’s another game today.

Charlie n Dawna Ramirez

Around 6 p.m. Jim lite a camp fire and we invited Charlie and Dawna over to enjoy it with us.  We’ve know them since 2007 at Big Meadows.  They have camped up here for over 20 years.  They also come up to Wolf Creek to ski in the winter and Charlie comes up here to bow hunt even.  We talk to each other during the year on our travels and visit them in Oklahoma when we drive through.

Jim made some real popcorn on the stove and even put melted butter on it.  It was so good!!!

Whirley Pop Popcorn PopperYears ago one of Jim’s brothers (Ron?  Don?) gave us a Whirly Pop Popcorn Popper for Christmas.  It is an amazing little invention. Inside there are whirly stirrers that move the popcorn kernels around until they pop. Steam vents keep the popcorn tender and crispy and almost all the kernels pop.  We gave up on microwave popcorn when I realized how much extra stuff is in those versions.  This way we get just a little oil, popcorn and butter….it tasted so good munching away by the camp fire.

Life is so good and we are enjoying it so much.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Say hi to Charlie and Dawna for us. The Smeals


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