Thursday, June 23, 2011

Visit from Another Friend-Carolyn

Tuesday we had the pleasure of another friend coming to visit-Carolyn Wilkerson.  We first met Carolyn and her late husband, Keith, in Quartzsite, AZ, back in January, 2008.  We were all attending the gathering of the Escapee RV Club Class of 2007 (graduating from working to fulltime RVing).

Carolyn is camphosting at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and needed a couple of days away, so she came up here for a visit with her dog, Joey. We’ve followed each other through Facebook and discussion forums, but haven’t seen each other since 2008.

Some of the campers had pooled their fishes for a couple of weeks and Tuesday night gathered for a fish fry, complete with home fries, hush puppies, cole slaw and beans. 

CIMG7627 CIMG7635
Jim, Charley and Rich discuss “life”
We always invite Rich and Terri

Carolyn is a strict vegan so we made up some polenta topped with slices of tomato and soy mozzarella cheese.  Carolyn fixed up some kale with sauté mushrooms and garlic. Oh, it tasted so good!!!


    We all enjoyed the camp fire as it was a bit chilly.

CIMG7638 CIMG7639


Unfortunately, Tuesday night it was real cold for Carolyn, around 32 degrees, so she decided to go back early, but she wanted to see Big Meadows and Creede.

So, Wednesday I drove Carolyn up to Big Meadows Campground to show her the changes they had made in the lower loop of the campground and then showed her the other two loops that hadn’t been done yet….big difference!!!!  It sure will be beautiful when it is all finished.

In the afternoon we took Carolyn up to Creede for a look see.  Carolyn and Keith had visited Creede many years ago so it was a treat for Carolyn to see how it had changed.  The buildings are all the same, just the business IN the buildings are different.  Carolyn took us to our favorite pizza place, OMI (Old Miners Inn) for lunch.  Even without cheese Carolyn thought the veggie pizza was very good. 

Afterwards we investigated a new business in town this week, Creede Olive Oil Company, situated right across the street from OMI.  This mom and pop shop import olive oils from all over the world (Spain, Egypt, Italy, etc.) and then infuse/blend in various herbs to create some superb olive oil blends.  My favorite was the Roasted Garlic Olive Oil…I can imagine many recipes that would be good on. 

In addition to olive oil, Creede Olive Oil Company also specializes in balsamic vinegars of various blends and infusions. All the oils and vinegars range in price from $16 - $18.  They have an 18 year old balsamic vinegar that pours thick like ketchup and is sweet and deep in flavor.  I enjoyed just sipping it by itself!!!  I enjoyed their generous policy of tasting everything.  They have disposable little cups to taste with or cubes of bread.  I fell in love with the Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar….oh, my!!!!  Like Guy Fieri says, “you could put it on shoe leather and it would taste good”.  This wonderful blend is suggested for meats, fish, vegetables AND ice cream!!  For me, I just want to tilt my head back and pour it in my mouth  LOL!!! 

CIMG7651 CIMG7652
CIMG7653 CIMG7654

In addition to the olive oil and balsamic vinegar they also carry a line of very different pastas shown above right.  Their are also displays of locally made wire wrapped jewelry, exquisite scarves and paintings.  The Creede Olive Oil Company is a fascinating and very different shop.  I highly recommend it any one in the area.  I will be buying more oils and vinegars before we leave the area for sure.

While I was shopping Carolyn, Joey and Jim were enjoying the shade of a tree on the sidewalk.

CIMG7655 CIMG7657

Hay, Classmates of 2007, don’t you just love Carolyn’s short haircut?  It is so cute and very becoming.

We got back to the campground about 4 p.m. and wished Carolyn a safe trip back to the Ghost Ranch, with a promise to see each other in Quartzsite in January if not before at The Slabs this winter.

Remember, you are loved.






  1. Great to see the pics of Carolyn.

  2. It was great to see photos of Carolyn. She looks great! Thanks Bobbie.

  3. Gee...the guys look cold, where are their jackets? ~Susie~


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