Monday, June 13, 2011

Forest Service Bear Meeting

It was an actual meeting about bear encounters.  Last year Jim and I had to close down one of our campgrounds because there were two bears who wouldn’t stop coming into the campground to have “lunch” in the dumpster. 

The camp host had done all the recommended things to keep the bears away--talk to each camper about putting away food at night--bars on the dumpster--spray ammonia in the dumpster every day--bright lights--boat horn--etc. They kept coming back so we had to move all the campers and close the campground. 

Because of this the forest service came together and developed a bear protocol with guidelines of what to do when through a series of levels, one through four.  They also gave us after-hour phone numbers to use so we can get in touch with someone if need be.

So last Wednesday to separate forest service districts came together for a meeting to discuss bear encounter protocol.  The forest service put on a good meeting.

Bear Mtg 06.08.11 (1)
Dale Gomez, Biologist
with forest service
Bear Mtg 06.08.11 (2)
Jody Fairchild, Recrea-tion Specialist, Jim and Orville Flaugh talking business
Bear Mtg 06.08.11 (3)
There were 20 camp hosts in attendance
Bear Mtg 06.08.11 (5)
We learned a log about bears habits

After the meeting we enjoyed a potluck lunch together.  We don’t often have the opportunity to meet with the camp hosts from the Creede district, so this was a real treat.

Because of this meeting, we all felt better equipped to deal with the bears in our areas. More knowledgeable in discussing bears with our campers and feel more confident in knowing what to do if we do have a bear encounter.

Remember, you are loved.

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