Monday, June 20, 2011

Father’s Day 2011

We celebrated Father’s Day by going out to breakfast to the Feel Good Coffee Shop here in South Fork.  I splurged and had a latte!   I don’t do that often because I think it is foolish to spend $3 for someone to pour hot milk into my coffee…I rather put an expresso shot into a regular coffee and add creamer myself and get the same affect for a lot less money.

After then Jim went and gave all the restrooms a “lick and a promise” as we use to say….well, maybe not a “lick” in this case LOL.  I put together a tamale pie for our camphost potluck.  I used ground turkey so it was at least a little healthier. 

I had to laugh, Jim spent his Father’s Day washing all the windows in the rig on the outside…what a difference!!! Then, of course, last night it rained a little and rain a little more this morning.  You’re welcome, you’re welcome everybody….you know the old saying if you wash your car or wash your windows it is sure to rain….

We are excited that one of our Escapee RV Club Classmates are coming to visit tomorrow.  We first met Carolyn and her late husband in Quartzsite January, 2008, and have corresponded off and on, but haven’t seen each other since then.  She’s been camphosting in New Mexico this summer and wanted to take a break for a couple of days so she is coming up here to stay in our campground.  I am very anxious to have Carolyn here, as she is a strict vegan.  I bought vegan “butter”, vegan “cheese” and even vegan marinara sauce.  I’m going to fix us a pasta dish one night, but haven’t figured out what to make the second night….maybe a vegan bean burger of some sort.

Business is going well for this time of year as we are ahead of last year’s figures.  We are getting a lot of people driving through checking out campgrounds for 4th of July.  Many want to make reservations, but all our current campgrounds are “first come, first serve”.  I just have to tell them to come as early as possible to assure getting a site for the weekend.  We expect to be full in our campground and mostly full in all the other five campgrounds.  It will definitely be a long weekend for all of us as we have to double and triple check all the restrooms.  You’d be surprise how many people use the toilet paper for fire starters!  Then Jim has three public restrooms on the highway he has to clean and keep an eye on, so it will be a busy weekend for us all.

What are you going to do for the 4th of July?  Are you going to travel somewhere special?

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Ok...when you mention food, you have got to give out the recipe. Tamale pie my favorite but don't now how to fix. Hot here wish we were there. Susie S.


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