Saturday, November 1, 2008

Work update

We are getting stronger backs and found the right combination of shoes, socks and inserts to enable us to live through our work shifts . The work isn't particularly difficult, it is just hard manual labor. Jim and I both lift cartons, totes, bend and stretch and are on our feet the entire shift. I've been pretty happy stowing books this last many books on so many topics...I was in heaven!!! Jim is in Receiving mostly working with apparel. There is also a whole lot of clothing here, so my granddaughter should be happy to know I found some cute tops for her. I know I am buying all our holiday gifts from Amazon and hope you do insure we have jobs till the end :). My dad taught me to buy from the company that pays you. Makes sense to me.

You can sure feel the change in the weather here. It has been windy and raining and when it rains it's all day and night here....not use to that coming from the high desert of Colorado where we only got six inches of parcipatation a year. We had to run the heater and stayed inside because of the weather earlier this week. Sure wasn't anticipating using wool socks when I left Colorado!

But this was just a cold spell and will warm up this weekend. Today was wonderful weather in the mid-70s.....absolutely gorgeous!!! We barbequed and walked around the park....wonderful day.

Well, we just got off work and it is time to eat a bowl of cereal and go to bed. One more day and then we're off for three glorious days.

Remember, you are loved!!!

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