Monday, October 27, 2008

Little House on the Prairie

Jim and I took one of our Mondays off and went in search of the actual home sites of TV series, "Little House on the Prairie". It is 13 miles SW of Independence, Kansas, which is only 20 miles north of Coffeyville. Our daughter, Beth, LOVES this series and at 34 years old, still watches the reruns faithfully. So this post is for you, Beth. Your dad and I went there just for you!!! You see this sign and the site is down a real small, gravel country road.

The log cabin is a replica, but resembles the actual house. But this is the actual site of the house.

It is a tiny house and not very tall. I'm only five foot and look how I barely fit inside the doorway.

I took this photo from the doorway. Look how little it is inside. And if Laura lived here, her older sister was also there with their parents so we are talking about four people living in here.

Here's "your pa", Beth, standing in front to show the proportion of how deep the house was.....not so much.

Along side the cabin the historic society has moved in a post office to the left of the cabin and a church to the left of that from nearby towns to add to the atmosphere of the site. It is quaint and very nice.
Well, that's the tour of the "Little House on the Prairie" house location. Hope you enjoyed the tour. There's a lot more interesting places around here. Cute little shoppes and coffee houses in these itty bitty towns that I will tell you about another day. That's it for now.
Remember, you are loved!


  1. Hey this was very interesting. We love that series of books, too, and would enjoy visiting there.
    C & J

  2. I'd love to visit the site of the home in “Little House on the Prairie” with my family. I love watching that series, and I want to give my kids a little bit of history. When I think about its size, I imagine my husband forcing himself in the house. Haha! Thanks for sharing!


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