Saturday, October 4, 2008

Around Town

A little about Coffeyville, Kansas. It is located in the southeast area of Kansas just 4 miles from the Oklahoma border - 70 miles north of Tulsa and 90 miles west of Joplin, Missouri. It has ab0ut 9,000 people and boasts 54 churches, a lot of Chinese restaurants, a great authentic Mexican restaurant called El Charro, and a big, newly renovated hospital complex. It reminds me very much of our hometown of Alamosa, so everything feels familiar. Besides the million square feet distribution center, there is a John Deere plant that manufactures transmissions for their largest trackers. Here are some photos we took of the area.

This is the Coffeyville Aviation Heritage Museuem Veterans Memorial Stadium in Pfister Park where local high school football games are held. This a huge stadium for high school football games IMHO. It holds 5,500 people and this is what it looks like filled.

Coffeyville suffered a big flood July 1, 2007, when the Verdigris River overflowed after two weeks of rain. It took ten days for the water to subside. Adding to the misery, the local refinery let out 43,000 gallons of crude oil. Over 400 homes and other structures had to be demolished because of the water/oil mixture.

Here is Jim standing by a telephone pole here in the campground that marks the flood level.
The Walter Johnson Park is very nice. It is part of a fairground so there is a lot of space and great paths to walk.

We'll find out tonight at the Saturday's social what our schedule will be and if we will be working days or nights. I'll let you know. Remember - you are loved!!!

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