Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time Out, Chorizo!

Being at the end of the road, every person who walks their dogs passes in front of our door. Chorizo barks at them every time. We have been trying to discourage that. So when he barks we warn him and if he persists we tell him to go to "time out". He then climbs the steps to the bedroom and goes to the far side of the bed in the corner and sits...somehow he figured this out on his own. There he will stay until we call him out...we've seen him stay there for 15 minutes.
So now when he barks at a passing neighbor all we have to do is say "time out" in a questioning voice and he stops barking....or he knows he will go to the corner. Some kids should be so well behaved!
We go to work for our first shift in an will be easy as it is only a three hour orientation tonight. Let you know how we far after a couple of shifts.
Remember - you are loved!!


  1. We wish our dogs would learn that!
    We miss you guys, and hope to see you soon!

  2. Charlie does that, too! When he is in trouble, we tell him to go to his "room" and he goes into his kennel without (much) question. When we are off to bed, we tell charlie "Time for bed," and he heads right in. I am SO glad we finally got passed puppy and into well behaved dog!


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