Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Hat Event

Fellow Escapee, Lesle Thomas, and I went to a local Red Hat event. It was for lunch and a tour of the Brown mansion here in Coffeyville. It has 16 rooms and many features ahead of its time like alarm system, a hand pulled elevator and a walk-in ice box that used 500 pounds of ice a day. This mansion is unique in that all the furniture is original to the mansion and not just antiques of the period found and stocked into the house. You can get more information at

There are Tiffany lamps and stain glass inserts all around and the walls "look" like wallpaper but are actually canvas covered walls that were hand painted by an artist....amazing. Here is a photo of some of the 55-60 women who came for the luncheon/tour. The Mansion sponsors the event charging $15 as a money maker to maintain the mansion. They offered delicious homemade salads of all kinds with petite cheesecakes for dessert. It was nice to meet the local ladies and hear about some of the places we need to see.

Even with all these ladies there were very few duplicate hats or outfits. I was in heaven as most of you know my favorite colors are purple and red together! Many thanks to Paula Nankivell for giving me instructions to make her crochetted necklace as I needed something red to wear on my purple blouse. See, Paula, it came out pretty good! Paula sells her necklaces and gives the proceeds to Escapees C.A.R.E., adult day care facility in Livingston, Texas.
Well, it is noon and time to make "dinner" which we eat about 2-3pm. I'm making Colorado style green chili with flour tortillas. Luckily, we bought some roasted green chiles at the farmers' market in Alamosa and froze them. There are a couple of good Mexican restaurants here in Coffeyville, but everything is with red chile sauce....they don't know about using green chili on chicken enchiladas! So we are making our own, using our daughter Christine's recipe.
Talk with you all next time. And remember - you are loved!

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  1. Love the outfit Bobbie...and the pix of the Beanie Weanies!!
    Hugs to both of you and the hot dogs!
    Molly & Bob


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