Monday, October 20, 2008

We survived week one!!!

Yes, we did survive the first week. That first ten hour night was a killer though. At the last break at 1:30 am I went up to the Inbound Area Manager and asked, "Is it OK to cry during your first ten hour shift?" He said, "Sure, here's my shoulder; cry right there." When I went into the break room the look on Jim's face was total shock. "Are you going to make it, honey?" I cried - I wasn't sure I could or would. But I did. By Wednesday at 3:30 am I was pretty good at the end of the shift.

The work isn't hard, but it's the ten hours on your feet and the walking. Jim is in Receiving so the boxes come down on a conveyor belt and he opens them and scans each item and puts it in a tote; then he puts the tote on another conveyor belt and the totes get stacked in large open top boxes. A very tall forklifts hoist them up to different floors to be put away.

That's where I come in as I got moved over to Stowing and am walking 7-8 MILES a night. I mean you pick up product at point A then walk a good quarter mile to put that batch away...then pick up the next cart of totes full of product and walk another quarter to put it away in bins. I love the walking and getting in the 15,000 steps a night, but sure could use a hot tub for backaches and sore feet.

So from Wednesday through Saturday all we do is work, sleep, eat and that's it. We get to sleep at 4:30 am wake at noon or 1 pm, grab a bowl of cereal, check emails and blogs, then it is time to prepare lunch, pack lunch boxes with "dinner" and snacks and get ready to leave for work at 4:30. You don't have time to much else. On our days off we do laundry, grocery shop and try to sightsee one place a week. We are so close to Tulsa, Joplin, Branson, etc. so there is alot to do on days off. This first "day off" period we simply rested our bones!!!

Last Monday and Tuesday I did a couple of activities, but I will write about them tomorrow.

Bye-bye for now and remember - you are loved.


  1. Hi was great to hear from you on Sunday!
    Just think about the great looking calf muscles you are going to have very soon! We should all be doing this!
    Big hugs, we love and miss you!
    Molly & Bob

  2. It was great to see a post from you guys and know that you are still alive - though you might not feel like it. Bobbie, if you keep up that walking, you're gonna be a tiny little thing when we see you again.

    I'm sure it will get easier as time goes by... just in time to quit, huh? :-) Hang in there!

    Safe travels,
    Laurie (and Odel)


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