Friday, September 5, 2008

Red Rock Grocery

Here’s a cute story to go along with this photo. Two brothers from Poland, Andy and Mark, own the Red Rock Grocery in Blanca, Colorado. They came to America a few years back and stopped in Chicago to visit relatives. They then headed to this itty-bitty town of 300-400 because of some land advertisements. Seeing there weren’t any jobs in this little town they bought the local grocery. Soon they were homesick for their native foods and had some Polish sausage called kielbasa airfreighted to them from a butcher shop in Chicago. Once a local came in as Andy was cooking up some kielbasa for lunch and said it smelled mighty good and asked if he could buy a sandwich. Well, that was the start of it and soon Andy and Mark would air freight in 300 pounds of kielbasa every two weeks. They also started bringing in Polish and Hungarian pickles, jams, and other specialty foods. Now the grocery is a success and the brothers work separate four-day shifts with one brother living in Taos and the other in Santa Fe.

I had read a local ad for the grocery store and it mentioned that they had kielbasa. Being of Polish-Czech descent I had to go check this out. The day I went in here comes this old Hispanic gentlemen wearing boots and spurs. He said hello in Polish – which I can’t spell but phonetically it is “yak shamaash” and asked for a “killbasie” sandwich. He proceeded to put ketchup and jalapeno on it. I had to laugh, as my mother would roll over in her grave…ketchup on kielbasa!

I hadn’t been to Red Rock Grocery since we’ve been back to this area so it was a treat today to buy some kielbasa and have Jim grill a link for lunch. Yummo-o-o.

Then at night “the gang” ate together grilling trout that Jim and Chuck Moore caught at Beaver Reservoir last week. We had the added pleasure of having “No Slide Clyde” drive into the campground late afternoon. We met Clyde in Arizona when we stayed on BLM land outside of Tucson and shared Easter dinner.

The sunset was spectacular against the background of the sand dunes!!!

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