Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goodbye to Sand Dunes

I actually made two posts today so please scroll down and view the next post also.

Monday we had to say goodbye to our Boomer friends as we go back to Alamosa to get ready for our next road trip. We won't be back till next spring, so we need to reorganize the whole rig, reevaluating items, tossing,and rearranging.

We have been with these Boomer friends off and on since JULY when we met at the Colorado Boomerang near Buena Vista. We spent our last night together around the campfire discussing where we will be spending the winter. Most will go to Arizona in and around Quartzsite. The Genos will also be working for Disney World, so we will see them there. The Solomons will spend January in the Keys of Florida.

It is hard to say goodbye, so we just say "see you down the road".

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  1. Jim and Bobbie,

    Thanks for the memories! We'll look forward to doing it again in the future. Chuck and Jan


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