Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girls Night Out

Oh, what a wonderful night I spent last night having a girls' night out with my friend, Lory Sanchez. I've known Lory for ten years when I started working at the local high school library and she was the Technology Director for the school district. Lory is the person who encouraged me to take a course in PC repair, then continued to mentor and assist me for the next ten years. Lory has been battling breast cancer this last year. Many of you have seen me knitting a shawl and soft hats on the road. Well this is the lady they were for. Lory is a brave, brave women and someone I admire greatly! It takes a lot of guts to battle cancer.

We wanted time for just us to chat and laugh, so Lory suggested we go to one of the last drive-in movies around. We went to my favorite restaurant, Baldo's, and then went to the Movie Manor Drive-In to see "Mamma Mia." Oh, what a great movie and so empowering to women!!! We chatted during the movie and got caught up on our lives and plans for the near future. It was such fun to be at a drive-in!!!

During the day Jim insulated the cabinet under the kitchen sink in preparation for freezing weather in Coffeyville, KS. I did 8 loads of laundry, having to battle Chorizo's bone away from him so I could wash all the dogs blankets, pillows, and bone. Oh, was he happy when I brought his bone back....I had to throw that silly thing for an hour afterwards! This was a big wash day doing jackets and rugs, getting the rig ready for this next year of traveling.

This morning it was 29 degrees. Definitely time to move on....there was actually snow in the Denver area above 10,000 feet....

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