Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Branson, Missouri/Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We are already in Coffeyville, Kansas, but I need to do my write up on Branson first.

We left Broken Arrow Thursday and drove four hours to Branson/Hollister, Missouri, to stay at one of the Escapees RV parks called Turkey Creek. It is a small, intimate feeling park that we liked very much.

Branson is different than I had pictured in my head. It is small with the main drag very narrow. The theatres are low and smaller than expected. This time around we didn't do any shows, etc. as we will be close enough from Coffeyville to visit again. We want to come back in November for some of the holiday shows that Branson is so well known for.

Our Escapee friends, Joe and Marcia, arrived in Turkey Creek Friday and we had dinner together with the remaining peanut butter and chocolate dessert she made in Broken Arrow.

Since we hadn't "colored in" Arkansas on our map, we took advantage of being close by going to Eureka Springs. However, we chose the wrong weekend as the "Bikes, Blues and BBQ" Motorcycle Rally brought 32,000 people and 16,000 bikes to Eureka Springs for a poker run at the same time. The BBB started at Fayetteville with 100,000 motocycles for their annual charitable run. There were bikes everywhere.

Eureka Springs was very quaint and appealing. It reminded me of Jerome, Arizona, with narrow streets on multi-level roads. So we drove around, but didn't walk the streets as there were just too many people.

Back to Hollister Joe and Marcia asked us out to dinner (supper) at Branson's Landing...we ate at Famous Dave's and had ribs.....scrumptous!!! We walked down the Landing with all the shops on each side of the cute brick street. It is very innovative and enjoyable. We stayed for the water show at 8 pm and boy was THAT spectacular. The timing of the water with the music and then the blast of fire in the midst of it all was pretty amazing.

We even found a place downtown that brought a smile to our face....Chappy Mall. Seems they have a large variety of cheese.

Saturday we enjoyed the parks pancake breakfast sitting at a table with another couple. Conversations ensued and low and behold this couple once lived in La Jara, Colorado, the city south of our hometown of Alamosa. Their names are Susan and Doug Motz, Doug being the cousin of Marv Motz, retired professor from Adams State College, whom we know. What's the chances of being there at the same time and sitting at the same table? Life gets curiouser and curiouser!

The next day, Sunday, we left Hollister/Branson and drove 4 hours to Coffeyville, Kansas, where we will be till Dec. 23rd.

Today is Tuesday, Sept 30th and we are off to Independence, Kansas, for our first meeting with Express Pro, the temp agency that is employing all us folks for Amazon.com More about Coffeyville tomorrow.

Remember - you are loved!!!

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  1. It looks like you got a few good Branson attractions in before you left!


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