Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rainy Day

Yesterday was pretty nice until it started to rain about 3PM. I was glad I had already done most of my walking for the day, getting in 7,135 steps. Still aiming for 10,000 every day.

From our campsite at the Great Sand Dunes National Park you can see a good portion of the San Luis Valley. It was really interesting to see the rain clouds creep slowly over from the valley floor to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, rain coming down as it moved.

Luckily, the rain stopped at 7PM and we had our happy hour at Odel and Laurie's a bit later than usual. There is Dave & Marie, Odel & Laurie, and Jan & Chuck.

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  1. Very cool, Bobbie!! (Don't know why I assume you're the internet person, not Jim.) This is a great start; you're already in my favorite places. One of these days I'll have to do a blog too. Wow! 15 miles a day! I can't imagine doing that, but that's a great gig. You're right - enough money for the year! Nice to see a pix of your little guys to be reminded of what they look like. Will definitely run into you again one of these days, as I belong to Boomers and Boondockers too. Carolyn (& Keith)


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