Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fiber Floozies

Fiber Floozies is the name of a fiber arts group that meets monthly to share information, love of fiber and camaraderie. There are weavers, spinners, those who crochett, and those who knit. There are college students and some on social security. It is a wonderful group of fiber lovers from many different disciplines! It started several years ago when the local hospital put out a call for caps and hats for new borns in the nursery. The staff of the library where I worked took it on as a project. Library patrons saw us knitting and crochetting little, bity hats for premmies and ask about it. Patrons asked for patterns and started bringing in hats to add to the count. Then a patron said that she would knit some if someone would teach her how, so an evening of instruction was scheduled. We kept meeting, others joined and soon Fiber Floozies was born.

This is Salai Taylor, Head Librarian of Alamosa library and my dearest friend.

I spent the day going through my craft projects and decided I am more of a knitter than a quilter these days. I like to quilt small , quick projects like purses, jackets and maybe lap quilts, but no more bigger quilts. It just takes up too much room in our rig and things have to stay out and around too long. So I gathered up most of my fabric and quilt patterns and took them to the local quilt store to give to the quilt guild for charity projects. I also gathered random skeins of yarn I had purchased because it was pretty or soft without a project in mind, and brought them to Fiber Floozies for the charity blankets they make and give away. I must have lightened up the rig by 25 pounds!!! Now I only have yarn for set projects I really want to make - mostly socks - I love knitting socks. Knitting is so easy to do while rolling down the road and is a good conversation starter when sitting outside the rig under the awning.

Today Jim and I will begin to do some preparations to spend a part of the winter in Coffeyville, Kansas, working for in their distribution center. We start Oct. 5th. We're told it gets in the 20-30 degrees in December so we are going to insulate lower cabinets to prevent pipes from freezing - which happened to us last winter in Deming, New Mexico. This morning it 37 degrees, so it is time to get out of here. We will leave Monday, Sept. 15th.


  1. It's great to see picutes of everyone. I have looked for knitting groups here, and unfortunately the only one I found is more instructional than social and you have to pay to attend. I miss hanging out with the Fiber Floozies and hearing all the gossip and seeing what everyone is working on. How happy that Fiber Floozies continues!!!!!

  2. Hey guys, you in Coffeeville yet?
    Been missing you. Love the blog though - hope you are having fun!


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