Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First entry - here we go*******

As we start on our second year as fulltime rvers, we decided to create this blog as a way for friends and family to keep up with our shenanigans. We will try to keep it updated in a timely manner, but we may lapse some.

We belong to an rv club called Escapees, for dedicated rvers. The members become our family and community on the road. There is a sub-group of Escapees called Boomers, which we also belong to. Their purpose of existence is purely to have fun! We meet up with each other while on the road finding each other through entries on an electronic bulletin board. They also meet together for extended periods of time – thus Boomerangs. We joined one in Buena Vista in August and traveled with four other couples for several weeks.

We are currently at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, which is near to where we lived, in Alamosa, Colorado. We are here with three other Boomer couples for several days enjoying the last of the summer and early fall. The traditional nightly happy hours have been great fun. The couples are Dave and Marie Dengate, Jan and Chuck Moore and Laurie Brown and Odel King. We laugh till we hurt!!

We have jobs with in Coffeyville, Kansas, that starts Oct 5th and lasts till Dec 23rd. Jim will work in shipping and I want to work as a Picker – person who actually fills the orders by pulling items from bins using a scanner. We were told that pickers walk 10-15 miles PER DAY, so I am stepping up my walking regime to walk gradually get to 15 miles a day before Oct 5th…I’m doing about 5 miles a day now. We will work four-ten hour shifts. They pay $11.00/hour (nights) and give you a free FHU (full hook ups) campsite and even shuttle you to and from work, which is 5 miles from the campground. It is a pretty good gig and will provide us with funds for the rest of the year.

After Amazon we plan to hightail it to Florida and go work for Disney World at their Wide World of Sports complex. This will be fun as this is where the Atlanta Braves do their spring training and Jim and I love baseball. Don’t need the work per se, but by working for The Mouse we get into all the Disney venues free and seeing Epcot Center is on my “bucket list”. As long as we make enough to pay for the expensive campground fees and fuel to get to work, we’ll be happy. Both Jim and I have wanted to go to Disney World for years. I also hope to drive down to Lake Worth where I was raised, and visit my old haunts.

Luckily, our two dogs travel well. They are "Chiweenies" a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund, named Chorizo (Mexican sausage) who is in the back and Poncho in the front. Once the truck starts moving they go to sleep and only wake up when we stop - usually in a different state.

So that is it for our first blog entry. Hope you will stop by often and visit with
us…. you are always welcome.


  1. Love that you are blogging and your first entry was fabulous! I have been known to order a lot of stuff from Amazon, so keep an eye out for my order! =) I find it really funny that you are RVing at the Sand Dunes, seems so weird!! I hope your girls make it up to see you while you are there. I'm considering making a trip to Florida now to see you at the BIG MOUSE! =) Keep the stories and details coming... Love your son, Eric

  2. Way to go, Bobbie! I'm glad you have started blogging, and your address is already in our Favorites list. We'll look forward to keeping you on our radar.

    Safe travels,
    Laurie (and Odel)

  3. Great to see your new blog. Also great to hear from you guys.
    Enjoy your travels. Sounds like loads of fun.


  4. Glad you started your blog. Love the Picture of Chorizo and Puncho. Hope to see you in March at the reunion in Texas. Stormy and Chuck are doing great. Stormy thinks she owns the campgrounds and goes into everybody MH or 5th wheel.
    Love You Sandy and MIke

  5. Like your blog... It's fun, light-hearted & interesting. It's in my favorites, so we can follow along with you. Hope to see you soon at the GJ rally. As always, Poncho & Chorizo steal the show. :-)

    Patti, Hank, Molly & Scooter

  6. Nicely done! Always great to read of your adventures. Stay safe.

  7. Hi Bobbie,
    I really enjoyed your blog. It all sounds like such a wonderful experience.
    It will be fun to see where you are and what you are doing.
    Stay safe and happy. Love Nancy

  8. This is a great way to share lots of info with lots of people.... I have you bookmarked! Stop in when you're "home"

    Judy Egbert


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