Friday, October 25, 2013

Winstar World Casino RV Park

We moved to this RV park for a couple of days and enjoyed the “high life” for a while.  This place has cement pads with wide patio area, steel picnic tables and BBQ grill.  Very, very nice.

It was nice to be close to the casino for our daily trip “to enjoy”.  Winstar’s slot machines are very generous….I even made $40 one night and I never make much of anything.  We all did pretty well, with Jim M. making the most.  I think we’ve found a new favorite casino.

Thursday we took off on the road again making a side trip to Carrollton, Texas, for the Mossman’s to visit a former co-worker who has a manufacturing plant there.

We had a bit of a hard time finding a place to spend the night….Elk’s Club in Temple was full, two different Passport America (PA) parks were either full or didn’t honor the membership on Thursdays, so we continued down the road till Georgetown and found Berry Springs RV Park who did take our PA membership for one night.

Today we are off to Potter’s Creek Campground which is a Corp of Engineer park on Canyon Lake, northeast of San Antonio.  We’ll be there for about a week taking day trips to Fredericksburg and to the River Walk.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Howdy B&J,
    Glad y'all got out of the RED MAN'S LAND, before they 'scalped', Jim, for 'breaking their 'bank'; Joyce's sister's
    bunch of 'cacklers' goes there pretty regularly and she ALWAYS WINS !!!
    That wasn't very nice of them not to let you camp in their park, just because they were FULL... See, y'all could've come by and camped FREE at the RunningStar Ranch and only been a little out of the way...hee hee, about 250 miles... But what pretty country to go through down to Canyon Lake... BEAUTIMOUS !!!
    Well, y'all are too, also !!!! Keep the rubber on the road.....

  2. ahhh. . .Georgetown. . .we will be there shortly ourselves. . .but we usually try to stay at the RV Park in Round Rock. . .across from the ball park. . .

    enjoy the River Walk. . .one of my very favorite places. . .


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