Monday, October 28, 2013

Fredericksburg, Texas

We figured it has been a good five years since we visited Fredericksburg, so we decided it was time to do it again.

The town has certainly expanded since the last time we were here. In fact we are sure we never saw most of the downtown area before.  I remember the Walmart, but most of the shops were new to us.

We had lunch at Silver Creek Beer Garden, which was a very old building with all the original woodwork….beautiful

Fredericksburg, TX (6)
Outside patio
Fredericksburg, TX (5)
Jim looking over the inside
Fredericksburg, TX (4)
My schnitzel sandwich with German potato salad 
Fredericksburg, TX (3)
Jim M’s platter with three types of

I didn’t take a photo of Jim C’s and Linda’s lunch because he ordered a hamburger and she ordered fish and chips…..yup, in a German restaurant…..

As we walked around town we found a candy store with fudge….had to stopped

Fredericksburg, TX (9)
Cute store front
Fredericksburg, TX (7)
Look at all the fudge selections

They had a large selection of nostalgia candies from people’s childhood, like Big Hunk, Bit of Honey, etc. Fredericksburg, TX (8)

The buildings in town are so unusual….beautiful stonework.

Fredericksburg, TX (1)
This one is wood and stone
Fredericksburg, TX (2)
Look how skinny and tiny this building is
Fredericksburg, TX (11)
Lost of stone
Fredericksburg, TX (10)
Verandas and gingerbread abounds
Fredericksburg, TX (13)
The original hospital
Fredericksburg, TX (12)
Lovely architecture

It was an hour and a half trip one way so we didn’t stay in town real long …. we had our doggies at home waiting for us … but we sure did enjoy ourselves.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Howdy B&J,
    You're right, you hadn't seen that part of F'burg before, because it's BRAND NEW and just 'built' to look 'old'... Chamber of Commerce rules !!!
    When we first went to F'burg , about 20 years ago, it was 4-5 BLOCKS LONG and looked just like it does today...
    Joyce was working with the Economic Development Director, here in Coleman, and talked to the EDC director in F'burg... He said there were only about 5-6K people WHO LIVED IN F'burg and most of the businesses were OWNED by people from AUSTIN & SAN ANTONIO... Just an 'old' German town... hehee
    Hope the Mossman's enjoyed their 'German' food... The best we've found was at THE BAVARIAN INN....
    Just remember y'all are too, also..... Come see us when you can...

  2. That looks like a real neat place and another great time you had. We will be sure to see Fredricksburg when we roll through TX.

    Thanks for taking us along.


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