Monday, October 14, 2013

Thackerville, OK

Decided to drive to Thackerville a couple of days early for our meeting with The Mossmans.  Our trip south was OK, but had so much rain.  It came down so hard you could hardly see the sides of the road to stay in our lane.  In fact, there was an accident between a car and a semi that stopped us on the highway for 45 minutes.

We found a Passport America RV park in Thackerville, OK for $12/night at Red River Ranch RV ResortAlthough I wouldn’t describe it as a resort, it is very nice with 240 sites with long pull-throughs on grassy sites.  It is only a mile from the Winstar Casino where we had reservations for $25/night.  Soooooo, we talked with The Mossmans and all decided we’d cancel our reservations there and just stay here.  The office said we could stay here up to a week at the Passport America prices.  Good deal.

Our plan had been to stay at a Corp of Engineer park outside of San Antonio for two weeks, but with the government shut-down the COEs are closed, sooooo another change in plans in in the offing.

The Mossmans drove 425 miles today and will join us early Wednesday.  It will be sooooo good to see them once again.  Been a long summer without them.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I did not know Passport America hadany parks that offered anything except a one night teaser to get you in. Will have to look more closley at that. Funny how the term RESORT is way overused.
    Have fun.

  2. Howdy All y'all, (if you get 2 comments from me, Bobbie, BLAME YAHOO)
    What's the matter, Linda?? I'd cry too if I'd just ridden 1000 miles on a leather-seat. Can you say butt-burn?
    That is some great-looking loin, Jim !!!
    Hope all goes well and Thackerville doesn't EAT ALL of the Jims' spare change !!! Joyce's cousin had the ONLY BAR/NITE-CLUB in Thackerville at one time, years ago...
    Having Linda to talk to is having a HAPPY DAY, Bobbie !!!!
    Remember y'all are too, also !!!!


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