Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day to Wash the Rig

Saturday I washed clothes while the rest of the group washed the rigs. Both of us have been driving a lot and through rainstorms and our rigs were pretty filthy….especially the windows!

We tried the Jet Dry window cleaning solution we saw on Facebook….it didn’t work.  When the windows dried there were lots of water spots…so right that one off the list.

Jim vacuumed, cleaned the blades on the overhead fan, tightened the screws on the valances and took apart the Fantastic Fan and cleaned the screen and blades; so all in all we got a lot of cleaning done. 

We enjoyed happy hour together and decided to stay at the Winstar World Casino RV Park for a couple of days after leaving here on Tuesday.  We’ll be closer for the senior free breakfasts Wednesday and Thursday.  Happily with the government shutdown over the COE campgrounds are reopened so we plan on going down to Potter’s Creek Campground on Canyon Lake outside of San Antonio, Texas, for a week.

Remember, you are loved.



  1. We stayed at Potters Creek a few years ago. It is a very nice campground. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Stop in at Franks Bait and Taco to eat. It's not far from the park. You'll get a kick out of the place.

    1. I looked up Frank's and it sure does sound quirky....definitely will have to try it out. Thanks.


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