Saturday, October 19, 2013

Winstar Casino Seafood Dinner

Well, we didn’t get to wash our rigs because of the weather….cloudy with threatening storm, but we decided to “celebrate” our accomplishment anyway by going out to the casino’s Friday Seafood Dinner.

Wow, what a meal!!!  It usually costs $28.99 but with their player’s card it was $24.99 each….yes, expensive but boy was it worth it.  First, this buffet just reopened within the last couple of weeks so everything was new, upscale and beautiful. They had a large staff walking around being very attentive to the patrons…we were treated very well. There was the usual large buffet selections, i.e. Mexican, Italian, Asian but we were there for the king crab legs….that’s right, not snow crab legs, but huge king crab legs. And they also had Dungeness crab legs too. 

I started out with a salad then went for raw oysters and some sushi before starting in on the crab legs….yes, I overdid it but come on, king crab legs… got to go for it.  The desert bar was featured right in the middle of the floor, highlighting the freshly made cherries jubilee and bananas foster being made right there in a cooper pan by a chef.  I had a taste of both and preferred the cherries over the banana thingie….too sweet.  But, of course, I had to go for the chocolate cheese cake….

We walked around afterwards and played a little.  We each got $25 free play when we got our players card so we played on their money after putting in some of your own.  They had some fun (and loud) machines that was entertaining to play. 

We came home early and enjoyed a night of TV.  Going to try to wash our rigs today that’s suppose to be nice and sunny.

Remember, you are loved. 
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