Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cranes Mill-Canyon Lake, Texas

We left Winstar World Casino last Thursday and stopped in Carrollton to visit a friend of The Mossmans who owns a manufacturing plant there.  We left about 2 p.m. and tried to get into two Passport America(PA) parks but they were both full….stopped in Elks Club in Temple, but they were full….on to Georgetown and at Berry Spring RV Park another PA park.

Friday we tried to get into Potter’s Creek in Canyon Lake….but they were full….so we drove 26 miles around the lake and are staying in Cranes Mill C.O.E. park at $12 a night.

It is very, very beautiful here.  We are on the crest of the hill that overlooks the large lake.

Cranes Mill (2)

The sites are HUGE…a good 60 foot site with a separate spot for your truck. There’s a covered picnic table with colored decorative gravel.

Cranes Mill (5)

Where we are sitting there is a lot of space between you and your neighbors.  Here’s the Mossmans next door to us.

Cranes Mill (3)

The covered tables are really nice and makes for a nice place to enjoy happy hours.

CrainesMill (1)

We will stay here for a week, visiting Fredericksburg and maybe the River Walk.  Sure are enjoying sitting under the awning and reading my Kindle or playing Words with Friends with Linda M.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Looks like a great spot to hang out in for a week.

  2. With the welcome rains and cooler temperatures, these recent weeks have been heaven in Texas. Glad you are enjoying one of our best times of the year. Take care!

  3. Wow! Nice campground. We will have to try it if we are in the area.

  4. We stayed there for 2 weeks in March. They redid the park a couple of years ago.
    Had deer behind us most mornings or evenings.

  5. Howdy B&J,
    That looks like a wonderful COE park; we like'em too, also; HORDS CREEK LAKE COE park is just across the hiway from our RunningStar Ranch... Joyce's bro &sil have to stay over there, we don't have SEWER connection over here and SHE doesn't LET ANYTHING SIT IN HER TANK !!!!! She's MY li'l sis...
    That lake is HUGE when it's FULL and full of good-eating fish too, also... Wish it would fill up again, but San Antonio keeps it pretty well drained..... Remember y'all are too, also !!!!!


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