Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stain Glass Window Insert

We went down to Algodones last week so Linda could get some glasses.  The local “shopper” weekly ad sheet had a coupon buy one get one free.  So Linda got an eye exam, a pair of trifocals and a pair of prescription sunglasses for $60…yes, for two pairs of glasses with frames and an exam for $60!!!!!  That’s why we come to Yuma every couple of years, glasses, dental and great shrimp tacos.



While we were there I also got a really good and cute haircut for $5; it was probably one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had, in fact.  All my perm is gone now, but I can wait till April to get another one in Alamosa.



Jim and I have wanted to put a stain-glass insert into our entrance door, but couldn’t find a theme we liked. We’re not into the hummingbird thing or the kokopelli thing.  I wanted a mountain scene with a bit of water and maybe a deer to remind us of home in Colorado, but they didn’t have any. But then we found this year they added beveled glass door inserts in some interesting colors, so we bought one in shades of burgundy.

Jim M. taking out screws
Out comes the old glass insert
After scraping off old putting and putting on new, they snipped off the hanging hardware

Jim C. positions new insert and puts in the screws
Here’s the look from inside the rig with the light shining in

This it the look from the outside the rig

I really like the look of the new insert. The vendor started the price at $75 and we got him down to $55 - I think it’s worth it.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Insert looks great and the haircut looks awesome.

  2. Your hair looks great. Why bother with a perm at all? The door insert looks really classy too.

    That price on glasses is excellent. Why do optometrists need $300-$400 for an exam and pair of bifocals with frames in the states? Highway robbery. I'm considering getting the exam and a copy of my prescription and ordering from Zenni Optical. I've heard good things about them and could probably get a pair of bifocals for $35-$40. The exam would be extra, but still!!

  3. That is sooo cool, you also look so good woman, you have lost some weight again, and the hair cut really looked good....yes we are going to have to get down there, glasses and two pair at that price, I could use that,,,,,take care have a great winter,,,,lov ya the Trout's

  4. Did you get your stained glass at the vendor along side the Purple Place? We got one there for our last coach a few years ago.

  5. Love the stained glass insert, very pretty. The hair looks great, love it! Makes you look younger :)

  6. Great choices on all accounts. I can't wait to see the insert and you guys too, back in Colorado next summer, the good Lord willing. I am also considering wintering in the Yuma area so will be looking forward to discussing it face to face.



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