Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Days at Sidewinder Road

A month ago we got to Sidewinder Road 10 miles west of Yuma (Winterhaven, California proper).  That’s a looong time for us to sit in one place…I usually need to move every two weeks.  But with the truck expenses we’ve had the last few months, we needed to “stay put” to stop the outpouring of money. However, a month in one spot is enough already, so we will move into Yuma the day after Christmas and stay at Mittry Lake for 7-10 days.  That way we will be with fellow Boomers (sub-group of Escapees RV Club) for New Years and have a change of scenery.  We will drive to El Centro and have Christmas with Scott and Diane at the military base where they are staying. There’s a prime rib and lobster dinner being offered at one of the clubs on base.

Sidewinder2011 (3)

We’ve enjoyed our time at Sidewinder Road though.  It is spacious with the other 8-10 rigs parked around, but with space in between us.  Here is our spot with the Mossman’s beside us and Marty behind us. We usually enjoy our daily happy hour in the middle.

Sidewinder 2011 (1)

Sidewinder 2011 (2)

We like it out here because of the quiet and the spectacular sunrises.

Sidewinder2011 (5) Sidewinder 2011 (4)
Sunrise reflected in Mossman’s window.
Sidewinder2011 (4) Sunrise at Sidewinder

But the sunsets….oh, the sunsets are, are, well decide what word you would use for these sights!

Sidewinder 2011 (5)

Sidewinder2011 (2)

Remember, you are loved.


  1. We spent a couple weeks last year on Sidewinder Road. A great place to boondock for a short time but have to agree that a whole month any place is a long time. After "Q" we plan on visiting the hot springs around Holtville. Another great place to boondock.

  2. neil@laubenthal.netDecember 21, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    Are you in a park there or just out in the desert? I looked at Google Maps and found what looks like an RV park west of the exit to Sidewinder Road off of I-8 about a mile or three.

  3. We are just out in the desert boondocking (being without hookups). We get water at a rest stop about 4 miles west on I-10 and dump every two weeks at the Shell station east of here at the Sidewinder Road Exit ($15).

  4. Good series of posts about your time at Sideinder!

    Mark and Renita


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