Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breakfast and Lory

Monday morning we awoke to rain spatters on the roof…that’s different to say the least.  It stopped early morning.  But the rest of the day was overcast and dreary. 

After two weeks it was time to go do laundry.  So off we went into Yuma.  First we stopped at The Mad Chef for breakfast.  It had been recommended to The Mossman’s by folks at the rest stop where we get our water. Originally it started as a train car fitted with booths on both sides as the dining area.  Popularity required the addition of a building for more seating.  They have some inexpensive specials and the food was good…we’ll be back.

Tried out 8th Street Laundromat and liked it.  They have a lot of double and triple front loaders that I prefer, so we got that job done in record time.  Stopped at Food City across the street for a few groceries.

We then stopped at Joann’s for me to get yarn for a prayer shawl for my BFF, Lory.  Her breast cancer has returned and metastasized so she will be going through more chemo.  She’s worn out the first shawl I made her from years of off and on chemo therapy…she always wears it during treatment to ward off chills.  So a lavender multi-color yarn first, as Lory love pastels and it will bring her comfort and peace at home, and then I’ll knit her a deep purple one to enhance spirituality, balance and energy, which she will need during and after treatments.

As we were returning to the desert it began to rain once again.  Just lightly but enough to wet down the grocery bags. After the rain we had a spectacular rainbow, with a high arch.  You could see the beginning and the end all at once….I’ve never seen a whole rainbow before….quite the sight.


Remember, you are loved.

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