Saturday, December 31, 2011

Algodones, Mexico

We took a day to go across the border to shop for glasses for me, at Algodones Optical the closest to the border.  Such a deal!!!! They had a buy one get one free special going on. Cost $160 for two pairs of trifocals using the

CIMG9144 poly plastic lenses to make my strong prescription lighter weight - one pair clear and one made into sunglasses.  They look pretty much like my purple pair in design, but they are metal in a bronze tone.  I like having a sunglass pair so I don’t have to use those big “over the glasses” style sunglasses.  As we had two hours to kill before the glasses would be ready, we walked around the town.

First we stopped for lunch at the shrimp taco place in the next block on the left.  They’ve added fish tacos to the menu so we had one of those too.  Jim didn’t like it as well as the shrimp one, but I liked it even better.

Waiting in line. They also have tamales, etc. with Coke in glass bottles made with real cane sugar bottled in Mexico…so good!
Round fryer over large burner underneath. Finished shrimp on top

They we wondered around some.

Vendors line both sides of the sidewalks
Teenager hand weaving a name bracelet-flipping the threads back and forth to create a name.
Bracelets ready for sale
Cigars for sale
Lots of leather purses-most you can get for $10 or less
Bottles of pure vanilla extract 8 oz. for $2 and it’s double strength also ~ I bought several for gifts
Booze sampling stand
Salesman passing out samples-you can get looped just sampling.



Didn’t buy much this trip, but did get myself a purse.  I really like the colorful loom woven purses…nice to have something NOT made in China for a change.


Picked up my glasses and was very happy with the fit.  Next came getting out through U.S. Customs…ugh…the line was the longest we have ever seen.  Had to go down to the second block, but it only took us 40 minutes to get through as they had all four stations opened and running.

Got home in time for happy hour out here in Mittry.  Good group of folks. 

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Love your new colorful. Not something you will see on every street corner during your travels. You're so right about it being hard to find anything NOT made in China. If only manufacturing could be brought back to America...there would be a lot less unemployed people. Have a Happy New Year and safe travels.

  2. I second the other post so true about there would be no unemployed people here in the states, what were they thinking,,,,,but did love your new purse too.....and may have to go get some glasses one of these days.....lov ya lady....


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