Friday, December 9, 2011

Green Chili and Tarantulas

Before we left Colorado we bought a few bags of roasted green chiles and stuck them in the freezer.  Yesterday was a windy, “stay inside” kind of day, so I figured it was a good day to make green chili or green chili stew, as some may say.  We like burritos, so I also cooked up a batch of pinto beans--homemade is best.  Well, folks, if I must say so myself, that was the best green chili I’ve ever made. Looks pretty good, too.

We going to make scrambled eggs smothered in green chili for breakfast, with a side of beans and a tortilla.

Had a little of excitement yesterday when a tarantula was discovered walking across the area.  We all got our cameras and took photos.  Here is Karen Payne (sp?) guiding the tarantula along, making sure it doesn’t go under her Class A. 

CIMG8995    CIMG8994

We were able to have happy hour outside yesterday---haven’t been able to do that for over a week because of the strong winds, so that was nice.

Mostly Jim and I have been reading….yes, I said Jim and I!!! Jim isn’t much of a reader.  The only books I’ve ever seen him read was when I got him interested in Catherine Coulter’s FBI series, and he read all 13 of those books.  Being out here in the desert most people have solar and don’t put on their generators until the evening, and we didn’t want to break the tranquility with starting ours up to watch TV. Jim Mossman (a big reader) lent Jim C. some Stuart Woods books and Jim C. has read five of them in the last 10 days!!!  Now he is on to Robert Parker who wrote the Jesse Stone stories (we love those Tom Selleck movies).

So now in the mornings we have our coffee and read!!!! Sometimes I put on XM to catch the news, but mostly listen to NPR or soft, mood music.  It sure has been nice to have a companion during my reading times.

Remember, you are loved!!!!!!

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  1. I read your blog thinking "I HAVE to suggest the Robert Parker books for Jim"... then saw your mention of them. IMHO, Parker's Spenser books are superior to the Jesse Stone stories... and there are SO MANY of them. Spenser, Hawk, and Susan - what a great trio!

    Jeez, Bobbie, the green chili looks incredible.


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