Thursday, December 15, 2011

Howey’s Visit

Friends Diane and Scott Howey came from El Centro to visit with us and go to Algodones.  We first met the Howey’s at Betty’s RV Park in Louisiana last February, spending a month together.  We also visited them at their home in Salt Lake City in September on the first leg of our trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Diane is a sweet, easy-going lady who is fun to be around and Scott, well Scott is a hoot and keeps you smiling and laughing all the time! 


We met them across the border this afternoon and walk around checking out eye glass prices, looking at stain glass for the front door window of the rig, and of course, sampling tequila at The Purple Store.  I found a  brandy named St. Remy VSOP from France that was pretty darn good….still not as good as E.J. VSOP Brandy, but for $11 it was pretty close at half the price.

Next we went to Five Guys for a late lunch/early dinner around 2 p.m. and then a trip to Sam’s Club courtesy of the Howey’s.  We got home in time to put away our wares and found Marty had left Christmas gifts on our steps.  We got salted peanuts from Virginia, luminating bracelets, bag of oranges and garlic stuffed olives (I loooove olives of any kind).  It was very thoughtful of him; he is such a dear.

Tomorrow is the Boomers happy hour at Chuck and Jan Moore’s place in the Foothills, followed by a parade to watch.  Then Saturday is the Tamale Festival in Somerton that we will all be attending.

Linda Mossman will be having her birthday Christmas Eve and we will be celebrating by going out to Olive Garden for dinner and going to a movie - her traditional birthday celebration.

For Christmas we will drive to El Centro and join The Howey’s for Christmas dinner at the military base there.  On the menu is prime rib and lobster tail….oh, yum…looking forward to that.

So what will you be doing for Christmas?  Traditional or something different????

Remember, you are loved.

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