Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl in the Desert

What a wonderful time we had yesterday watching the Super Bowl outside in the desert in Parker, AZ.  We took our TV outside of The Mossman’s rig and used The Doyle’s power and DISH satellite…a group effort. We brought out the food about 3:30 and had a great spread of brats, hot dogs, slaw and baked beans with lots of desserts.

SuperBowl2010 (8)  SuperBowl2010 (6)






As the afternoon waned and nighttime fell we made a fire; it was very soothing.

SuperBowl2010 (9) Super Bowl (2)

Super Bowl The hats, scarves, mitten, and afghans came out as we hunkered down to continue to watch the game in the night. SuperBowl2010 (7) 
During the half-time show with The Who, Vicki said we should take off our bras as we did back in the 60s-70s at concerts. She did…no one else was wearing one!

We all had a great time together and I took this group photo.

SuperBowl2010 (5) Today we start splitting up and going different ways.  Some of us will move to The Steps outside Lake Havasu tomorrow, some going to Mexico and others to Laughlin.  No matter where we end up, this week here together will be something we will always remember.  Such a good time we had together with magical moments and shared joy!

Remember you are loved.

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