Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leaving Laughlin

We are leaving Laughlin today and heading for Mesa, AZ so tomorrow we can check out a rig we're interested in...keep your fingers cross that it works for us; we really would like a third slide to give us more of a "living room" feel to a rig, plus update us three years.

Here are some photos of Laughlin from the other side of the river in Bullhead City, AZ.

CIMG3857                  Royal Palms CIMG3858


                                        Colorado Belle

Jim and I have been coming to Laughlin for about 25 years.  CIMG3843Jim’s parents (Kenneth and Ada Beth) would come here every two years to meet Kenneth’s brother and wife (Bob and Helen) who came from  Southern California. We came with them one year and enjoyed the slower pace than we had experienced in Las Vegas.  So from then on we visited Laughlin every few years.  Now that all those parents are gone we meet with one of Bob and Helen’s sons every couple of years here in Laughlin to “keep up the tradition”. This year we met with Mark Chapman for two days and had a grand time with him.

CIMG3849 At the same time we enjoyed spending time with Jim and Linda Mossman, who we met in Parker. They were also at Boomerville, but with so many people there we hadn’t met them. Once in a while you meet people who “just fit” with you and that is what happened with Jim and Linda…we all “just fit” and enjoy being with one another a lot. 

Yesterday I finally “got in the mood” and quilted the baby quilt for our great-granddaughter, Amity.  Now all I have to do is hand-sew the binding. I’m glad it is going to be done and ready to give them when we visit them in April.

 CIMG3861 Amity Feb 2010

Ok, Jim, OK, I’ll stop typing and get the rig ready to move!  Remember, you are loved.

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