Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best of the Desert-Parker 425

It all started at 7:15 am with the first Big Gun cars leaving downtown Parker and getting out here at Shea Road about 7:30 am. It wasn’t even light yet so they had to use their headlights.

That’s Jim on the rim of the bluff with one of the first cars in view
Shot of one of the cars going passed us with the sun just rising.
How’s this for a sunrise?
They came by all day and into the night.
They drove right passed us.
This guy had a helicopter following him all around the track.

I could fill up the page with photos of the cars, but you get the idea. 


Our little spot here got filled up around us with weekenders. The young folks in the foreground thought playing loud “bass” was music, until all of our guys stood on the ridge and did a “stare down”….all of a sudden the music got lowered! Then those folks on the ridge to the right brought an industrial sized generator and put a car to their side so the noise all drifted our way.  They didn’t shut the generator till after midnight.  No one taught them the courtesy hours of a generator I guess!  But it was only for two nights and they were all gone this morning.


We had our daily happy hour-that’s Jim Mossman with Walker in his favorite spot, with Nancy and Tom Doyle in the background. 
But then it started to rain, so we huddled under the Geno’s awning.

The race is 425 miles on a 120 mile loop run 3 times.  Some of the racers drove into the night.  But we did have a wonderful rainbow after a little rain. Isn’t that fantastic?


Tomorrow we drive to Lake Havasu in preparation for the Winter Blast.  More about that next time.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. WooHoo !!! lets go racin. Beautiful country I would like to see it sometime. You guys be safe and we miss you.
    Andy and KathyJo

  2. Great report and photos. We maxed out on days allowed in the National Seashore and had to leave for two days, but are back there now. When I went to school in Arizona, we used to play football in Parker. Got our AL & L papers sent back in for this year, but don't know how the USFS will update Trujillo Meadows yet.

  3. Sounds like a good time! We enjoyed the photos.


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